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Sugar Paws Dog Training

Sugar Paws Dog Training is owned and operated by Laura Juliano. Laura is a CCDT and provides positive reinforcement training for puppies and dogs in the Monmouth county, New Jersey area. With private, in-home training and consultations, Laura will work with you and your dog on basic skills or more serious behavior concerns.

Barks & Recreation Training

"Our goal is to take away the frustration that comes with getting a new family dog so you can enjoy your pet and have fun... which is the whole reason you got a dog to begin with! Whether You need help with a new puppy, or an older dog set in their ways, we can help. Give us a call today."

NJ D.O.G.S. Training Center

Here at NJ DOGS Training Center, we strive to help you build a better connection between you and your canine companion. Our goal is to help you properly care for, socialize, and train your dog in a positive and highly effective manner. Not only do we offer advanced training for your pet, but we also cater to pets who display “obnoxious” behaviors that may be driving you crazy. For example: · Destructive Chewing · Aggressive towards strangers or other animals · House Soiling · Constantly jumps up on guests · Bark for no reason Wouldn’t you like to be able to take your dog with you to different places? If you are striving to raise a happy, healthy and well-adjusted dog, NJ DOGS Training Center is the place for you. We look forward to helping you and your pet come to a loving understanding. We specialize in private one-on-one training programs with you and your dog in order to achieve optimum results in obedience and behaviors. All dogs are different. Private training allows for a customized approach to each dog, its owner and family, and its living situation. Training is done at out training center. After the basics are learned, we will bring you and your dog out to a public area to show you how to deal with environmental complications such as other dogs, unfamiliar people, cars and trucks, strange and different noises and more.

Pro Dog K9

Professional At-Home NJ Dog Training, servicing all of Monmouth, Mercer, Middlesex, Ocean and Union county, New Jersey. Pro-Dog K-9 has be providing successful In-Home Dog training programs throughout NJ for over 2 decades.

Jersey Shore Dogs

Jersey Shore Dogs provides professional, force-free dog training services, including behavior consulting, to New Jersey dog owners. Our main service areas include Monmouth, Middlesex, Ocean, and Mercer counties. Note: we sometimes travel outside of these areas, but travel fees apply.

Kindred Souls Canine Training Center

Kindred Souls Canine Training Center was founded in response to the disturbing fact that 70% of all dogs in shelters are there due to behavior issues. We believe most of these issues are preventable or solvable with early training and socialization. We offer a variety of services in a country home-like environment, designed to enhance the relationship between people and their dogs. Our goal is to help establish a lasting bond between dog and owner by increasing their ability to effectively communicate with each other. All of our methods are positive and individually tailored to suit the dog’s personality and the specific needs of the owner. We produce well mannered and, more importantly, Reliable dogs. The safety of pets can often depend on the reliability of their response to a command. We’re located in Howell, N J – very convenient to the Jersey Shore, Freehold, Brick and surrounding areas. Whether it is our doggy day care, puppy kindergarten or obedience class, our main focus is to provide people with the pet they desire.

NJ Dog Pack

New Jersey Dog Pack was established in 2014 by Dog Behavior Specalist Jason Muccino. He holds a Bachelor of Science from Rutgers University and has studied under the most sought after dog trainers in the world. With the goal of bringing back a more natural approach of raising our dogs, Jason aims to help every dog owner in the world understand how to achieve a balanced, centered, and happy state of mind for their dogs.

L&L Dog Obedience Training

In-Home Training I have over 10 years experience in training all sizes and breeds of dogs. I feel that in-house training is best for both dog and owner where I can address behavioral issues where they exist. My goals are to first train the dog and then train the owner on how to enforce my proven training techniques. I am committed to fully training your dog with no set time in which to accomplish these goals. I look forward to hearing from you!

Academy of Canine Excellence

Academy of Canine Excellence Training offers effective teaching and training for dogs of all ages and temperaments.

The Dog Tank

The Dog Tank is a one-stop facility for all of your canine behavioral and social needs. Shane Goin, the Pack Leader, has been training dogs for over 15 years, building a tremendous reputation and relationships with dogs and humans alike. Their facility is located right off I-5 at Exit 71 and is convenient for day training drop-offs and classes.

DOG Training Institute

DOG Training Institute is an immersive training facility offering everything from board and train to private lessons. Obedience, problem behaviors, personal protection, dog sports and more.

Campbells Canine Training

Campbells Canine Training, located near The Villages, FL, specializes in Dog Obedience School, puppy sessions, private lessons, and consultations. With over 25 years experience they have trained thousands of dogs of all ages and breeds.

A-Z Canine Training

Tony Giotto, Master Dog Trainer and Behaviourist, has worked with many dogs since 2001. He studied with and worked for Master Trainer S. Prewitt of the Prewitt Canine Training Academy at the International College of Canine Behavioural Science. An interest in the field came about as he noticed neglected dogs. Why were they neglected and why were they treated in a certain manner? At that point, he decided to become a dog trainer and help dogs with their owners. Through his extensive studies in Canine Behavioural Science, he has helped many dogs of different ages with behavioural problems. He not only provides guidance but also has patience and understanding to help the client build a good relationship with their dog.

Diamond Dogs

Diamond Dogs offers humane, effective dog training and behavior consultation. Specializing in leash reactivity, puppy development, post adoption support, fear and aggression, potty training, and destructive behavior.

Good Dog Training Services

Good Dog Training Services offers relationship based training focusing on teaching you and your dog to be a team.

All Big Canines

All Big Canines is a locally credentialed training and behavior professionals. Proudly serving the Coachella Valley and surrounding areas since 2008.

The Good Dog Yorktown

The Good Dog is a dog training facility in the Yorktown, VA area that specializes in relationship building and clear communication between owner and dog. This allows for an unbreakable bond and understandable expectations for your pups. Their training is molded and customized to fit each individual dog’s needs as well as catering to each owner’s personal capabilities and expectations.

Positive Changes Dog Training

Positive Changes Dog Training provides a personalized dog training experience in Las Vegas and Henderson, NV. They believe in finding the best approach for your dog and your family, creating a training regimen that is not only education but fun! You dog should be a joy to be around! Call them today for a consultation.